• design project
  • decor project
  • supervision
  • The design project includes the following items:

    • Creation of working plan;

    • Planning of the rooms;

    • Perspective of the images;

    • Dismantling plan-scheme;

    • Mounting plan;

    • Scheme of floors;

    • Scheme of ceilings;

    • Circuit layout tiles;

    • Scheme of furniture arrangement;

    • Layout of light;

    • The scheme of light inclusion;

    • Plan-scheme of socket placement, outputting of low-voltage networks;

    • The plan-scheme of electrical equipment;

    • The plan-scheme of sanitary equipment;

    • Layout-conditioning;

    • Plan a scan designation;

    • Detailed plan of the walls;

    • The statement finishes;

    • Drawings of author's furniture.

    We can offer You 3 types of perspective images:

    • Mood board (collage for the visual presentation of the project):

    • Hand drawing (pencil sketch, watercolor):

    • 3D-visualization of the premises:

    For a better presentation of the interior concept by a customer, we can offer an additional service to create a layout with application of materials that will be used in the future interior.

    The cost of the design project proposed by us is coordinated with a client separately and discussed during a personal meeting in our office.

    We’d like to notice that the service supervision is available on request.